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Giggles and Hmmm. . .

*The Latest:

Giggles: What did one mime say to the other mime? / Nothing!

Hmmm: Life is like driving. Look back when you should and look around when you can; but to get where your going, you’ve got to keep looking ahead ~


Giggles: What’s a penguin’s favorite day of Spring / April Cool’s Day!

Hmmm: Sometimes someone else’s voice is the best thing for us~


Giggles:  (A riddle)  What always shines bright even when it’s night?  The Sun!

Hmmm:  Sure you don’t need it, but once in awhile eat cake ~


Giggles:  What’d the bucket say to the rain? / Thanks for dropping in!

Hmmm:  When you come to a fork in the road, stop and take a good look around.  You may never pass that way again~


Giggles: What’s a great month to see a marching band? / March of course!

Hmmm:  Many hands, hearts and minds generally contribute to anyone’s noteable achievements~ Walt Disney

* Valentine’s Day

Giggles:   Knock, Knock /Who’s there?/ Willie U./ Willie U. who?/ Willi U. be my Valentine?

Hmmm:  If someone needs a smile…give them one of yours!


Giggles:  Knock, knock / Who’s there? / Justus / Justus who? /  It’s just us silly, now let us in!

Hmmm:  Reach for the moon and you’ll stir the stars ~

* Christmas

Giggles:  What is Mr. and Mrs. Frosty’s favorite Christmas event /  The Snowball!

Hmmm:   In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous~ Aristotle


Giggles:   What gets wet as others get dry?  /  A towel!

Hmmm:   Sometimes the best present you can receive, is giving to someone else.

* Halloween

Giggles: What is Mrs. Frankenstein’s favorite fragrance? / Frankincense!

Hmmm:  Though most things are best in moderation, love and laughter are best in abundance~

Giggles:   Why did the children cross the playground? / To get to the other slide!

Hmmm:   If you want to see a miracle, believe in them!