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From voracious reading as a child that later grew into a passion for films, my own story is one that has always involved the love of stories.

It was my passion for films that led me early in my career to certification as a film make-up stylist. In this demanding but rewarding career I worked on studio and independent film sets, working also with dozens of scripts and just as many production crews. As a stylist my job included reading and breaking down scripts into workable sections for analysis, helping actors discover their characters according to script and story, and exploring character development for the script and it’s settings. Day in and day out during my years in this career I was involved with scripts being worked, re-worked, lit, staged, and shot on location for just the right look.

Within my film career I then began working as a press tour stylist for clients representing studios such Disney, Paramount, Miramax, and DreamWorks to name a few. From celebrity clientele to producers and directors, experience working with diverse people and in diverse situations grew my ability to craft excellent working relationships with people.

As a fan of theater, I’ve also been involved in several theater productions. This included directing and co-producing a Seattle Fringe Festival production of Traveler In The Dark by Marsha Norman; a run that received one of the festival’s top reviews of the season.

In following my love of reading and inspiring stories I wrote a nationally noted inspirational stories column for Examiner.com, as well as authored three books: Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life-Perspectives on Love, Encouragement and Reaching Potential, The Islanders-a children’s picture book, and Apples and Bumblebees, Eco-Abc’s-an environmentally themed children’s ebook. For more information about my books please visit the noted link found on the sidebar of this page.

I’m pleased to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my work. In offering excellent skills and credentials, I always look forward to professional and successful collaborations with my clients.

As a final flourish, inspiring forces in my life include my children, nature, nurturing, relationships, books, movies, and still on occasion, the perfectly red lipstick!

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